Shirt pouch - 42 cm


22,00 €

3 years warranty


Carry on bag Yes
Material Polyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size 25 x 12,5 x 10,5 cm
Warranty 3 years
Zipper ZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Monogrammed lining Polyester


In order for your belongings and especially your shirts to arrive at your destination in good conditions, opt for the shirt pouch! Accustomed to business travel, the shirt pouch is a great success with men. This hard-wearing and waterproof cover is a must have in your suitcase, to protect your shirts. An expert in travel luggage, Bande à part helps you organize your travels, thanks to well-compartmented luggage and suitcases! Besides, travel or not, keep your shirts ironed in all circumstances thanks to the shirt pouch! Choose the color of your pouch right now !