Shoes pouch - 32 cm


25,00 €

3 years warranty


Carry on bag Yes
Material Polyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size Yes
Warranty 3 years
Zipper ZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Monogrammed lining Polyester


Among travel bags and accessories, the shoe pouch is perhaps the most useful accessory. The traveler rarely leaves with a single pair of shoes and it would be a shame to mix the shoes with the rest of the belongings. The shoe pouch protects the laundry, the belongings from the possible dirt coming from the shoes. This accessory is a must have ! The pouchvdesigned by Bande à part is made in solid and waterproof fabric. You don’t travel ? The shoe pouch is very useful for sportsmen and for anyone who needs to change shoes and outfit during the day!