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Sport bag S - 40 cm


49,00 €

24,50 €

3 years warranty

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Wednesday 23 Sep Details


Carry on bagYes
MaterialPolyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size40 x 28 x 22,5 cm
Warranty3 years
ZipperZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Handle2 very confortable topstitched handles
Monogrammed liningPolyester


Timeless, the sports bag has been part of the sportswear trend for many years and doesn’t stop there. At a time when gyms are full, when pilates, yoga, all sports and wellness practices are slipping into the busiest schedules… The gym bag is a must. Band à part caught the trend and made this accessory available in 9 colors. Durable fabric, sturdy handles, high quality zipper and 3 year warranty. No hesitation, this sport bag styled as a bundle will accompany you for the next years!