Sport bag S - 40 cm


49,00 €

3 years warranty


Carry on bag Yes
Material Polyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size 40 x 28 x 22,5 cm
Warranty 3 years
Zipper ZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Handle 2 very confortable topstitched handles
Monogrammed lining Polyester


Timeless, the sports bag has been part of the sportswear trend for many years and doesn’t stop there. At a time when gyms are full, when pilates, yoga, all sports and wellness practices are slipping into the busiest schedules… The gym bag is a must. Band à part caught the trend and made this accessory available in 9 colors. Durable fabric, sturdy handles, high quality zipper and 3 year warranty. No hesitation, this sport bag styled as a bundle will accompany you for the next years!