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Toiletry bag - 30 cm


35,00 €

17,50 €

3 years warranty

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Wednesday 23 Sep Details


Carry on bagYes
MaterialPolyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size40 x 32 x 17 cm
Warranty3 years
ZipperZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Handle1 carry on handle
Monogrammed liningCrystal waterproof


Traveling with an elegant and durable toilet bag… A must have!  Containing your essentials : soap, shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, make-up, shaving mousse, etc. A small accident (badly closed cap…) can happen to anyone. This is why the toilet bag is the best way to protect your belongings. Specialized in travel bags and accessories, Bande à part delivers a toilet bag with waterproof and resistant fabric. Modern, solid design, the pouch is available in  3 sizes, with or without compartment. Select your format according to your trip and your usual needs. Available in 12 colors in your preferred format... You only have to choose!