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T-shirt pouch - 32 cm


18,00 €

3 years warranty

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Wednesday 23 Sep Details


Carry on bagYes
MaterialPolyester and Ultra resistant coated fabric
Size48 x 26 x 26 cm
Warranty3 years
ZipperZIP YKK® High quality and very robust
Monogrammed liningPolyester


Compartmentalize your suitcase just as your dressing room. It is now possible thanks to the many travel pouches, designed by Bande à part. Among them discover the T-Shirt pouch. Fashion lover and especially t-shirts, this accessory is for you. Give a special place in your suitcase  to your tee-shirts! If you are used to square-folded t-shirts, rolled-up folding, or the “Marie Kondo” folding technique, don’t hesitate. Treat yourself to a T-shirt pouch and keep them folded, ironed, in all circumstances! Discover the entire range of bags, pouches and travel accessories created by Bande à part.