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Additional information

Personalize your suitcase in just a few clicks with a custom hook-and-loop stripe. Plain or patterned, choose the stripe you like.

The stripes come in a multitude of colors and patterns to meet every desire. Match the stripe to your outfit, adjust it to your trip’s destination, let your imagination run wild !

Choose and order!

A custom suitcase ? Nothing could be simpler with the hook-and-loop stripe. In a few clicks, customize your suitcase according to your aspirations.  Business trip, pleasure, escapade city break… No matter the object of your trip, get inspired by our range of decorative stripes. A hundred stripes are available in 3 different sizes.

1- Choose the size of your stripe

The size of the stripe depends on the dimensions of the suitcase you have chosen beforehand.. Carry-on, medium or very large.  Escaping across the world, long-distance trip, city break, business trip.  Even if the carry-on is a must have, each of these sizes can be useful depending on the trip or trips you undertake. Select the appropriate stripe size for your suitcase.

2 - Select the color or patterns

Plain or patterned. Chic, classic, casual… Discover more than 80 stripes. Scottish, military, floral, wave, illustration of the Eiffel Tower, coral, butterflies, pied de poule… Each stripe comes in a multitude of shades and illustrations to match perfectly with the colors of the suitcases’ range. Renewed each year, the patterns are chosen according to the seasons and trends.

Suitcases co-signed by designers

Stripe decorated with Swarowski crystals, stripe imagined by Christian Lacroix… Since its beginnings Bande à Part offers must-see collections … Treat yourself to a high-end ultra-résistant suitcase, labeled by a great designer.

Always on the lookout for new trends, Bande à Part will make sure to offer new collaborations with designers over time.

Suitcases with ultra-strong stripes

Your suitcase has been through a lot ? Bande à part thought of everything. The Stripe is designed to travel, to move. The polyester used shows great resistance! The suitcase does not fear shocks, water or tearing… Printing, details and high-end finishes, Bande à Part makes a point of offering valuable products.

The material used is a high quality French Velcro, which ensures the good holding of the stripe, use after use. As aesthetic as it is durable, the Bande à Part’s suitcase can follow you on all your adventures !

A unique luggage

Bande à Part’s concept : a customizable suitcase to meet every traveler’s expectation. Several sizes, a wide range of colors, patterns and impeccable quality. Anyone can customize their suitcase according to their desires.

Choosing a Bande à Part suitcase is choosing freedom, lightness, embracing your uniqueness. It’s about giving your belongings a quality luggage.

Discover also our range of travel bags and accessories in a wide range of colours. Sports bag, toiletries bag, shoe bag, shirt pouch, backpack… You should easily find a bag to match your suitcase !

Need some gift ideas ? Have you thought about offering a custom suitcase ? Get a gift voucher or pick the suitcase directly with its stripe for the person who will receive your gift.