The brand of customizable suitcases

In the beginning, Bande à Part, four travelers in love with beautiful stories and new encounters. Four creative minds, who also, strong with their 20 years of experience in the luggage department – concentrate on revolutionizing the traveling world with a simple and innovative idea, in keeping with the times: personalizing your suitcase with a simple gesture, and adapt it to every trip, each situation and state of mind.

Your best memories start here.

Your luggage travels with you alongside your most precious memories. In every corner of France, or any continent, they will be the cornerstone, the starting point of your passions and need of escape. Travelling is the best source for inspiration and a magical way to meet new people. Each one is different. Each one deeps into your emotions and thoughts and will keep close your most cherished memories.

The first customized suitcase with interchangeable strip.

Cultivate your difference is Bande à Part’s way of life.

Throughout a vast suitcases collection, built with the highest requirements and best materials, to bring you a unique user experience, an irreproachable strength and security, Bande à part is available in an infinite variety of styles.

A vast range of colors and an unlimited set of choices to customize your suitcase thanks to the interchangeable patented system, made in France.

Customizable suitcases

A business trip? Your suitcases’ strip will add an elegant and professional touch to it.

And for a get away with friends or family, you can change it with a simple gesture and affix a graphical strip, matching your outfit or your daily mood.

Bande à part also offers a wide collection of trendy colored bags. A stroll in the city? An intensive workout? A business meeting or a romantic getaway? You will always find your best companion to keep you company in every adventure.

And because trips, are made before all to meet new people, Bande à Part, will offer creative collaborations with different kind of brands, to push even farther the limits of customized luggage.

Creativity and innovation are Bande à Part’s key words, to keep you company while traveling in all simplicity.

So, ready to join the Band?